What to Expect from The Perfect 105

This “blog” will be dedicated to self improvement, success, and getting more out of life.  In short, the goal of this blog is to help people live better.

Most often, but not always, this will accomplished by posts concerning the topics of nutrition, exercise, and weight training.  These subject areas are simply a paradigm for illuminating and discussing universal truths that can be learned and utilized for improving the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual spheres of your life.

The intended audience is… people everywhere.

My Commitment to the Reader

My posts will be about my personal experiences, observations about the world around me, and my personal recommendations for self-empowerment actions and goal-specific efforts that will help result in the accomplishment of your personal goals.

I am choosing to regular express myself in a blog format because I find the project itself interesting, “blogging” can act as a natural outlet for my writing, and it has the potential to reach such a large audience.  Also, I believe that when you make efforts to help others, you, by that process, also benefit.

“…When you make efforts to help others, you, by that process, also benefit.”

Lastly, I feel a natural inclination to teach…  to provide TRUTH to those that demonstrate the courtesy to read or listen.  I have much knowledge and experience to share- it would be a tragedy to let that go to waste.  If I can impart some bit of that knowledge to you, the reader, or exert a positive influence on even just one person through my efforts here, then The Perfect 105 has succeeded in its initial ambition.

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Sincerely Yours,

Paul Newt

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4 thoughts on “What to Expect from The Perfect 105”

    1. Brandon!
      Hey pal… glad you found your way to my blog – thank you for checking it out.
      I saw last minute that Jon was going to be giving a seminar in Providence, but although he was only about 30 minutes from where I was, my fiancee and I already had plans with friends that we could not break.
      Have you been to one of Jon North’s seminars in the past?

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