What is a Perfect 105?


Higgs Boson God ParticleAt the most basic level, our body, mind, emotions, and spirit together form the whole person.  It is only by strengthening each part of the whole within the whole, that we can have vital and energetic health and succeed on the highest level.

You cannot perform at a high level without enough energy, just as you cannot drive a car without gas, watch TV without electricity, or listen to your Apple iPod without it’s internal rechargeable battery.

One must have good stores of energy and use them wisely. Success, in all things, is based on the proper modulation of your individual physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy levels.  These energy levels are not simply additive, they are synergistic, meaning that, taken together, their overall effect is greater than the sum of their parts.

When energy in one or more or your 4 selves is deficient, you may not have the intensity you need to battle through a tough time or overcome a large obstacle.  If these energies are too high, you may be too wired or nervous to perform even a simple, well-rehearsed skill.  If the energy level of one “self” is low, sometimes another energy level of one or more of the other 3 “selves” can compensate enough for realization of the goal or accomplishment of the task. “Optimal” energy levels are very individualized which means that two people trying to accomplish the same goal may perform best at very different energy levels.

The 4 Primary Energies of the Self



  1. Physical – Your physical self and the potential kinetic energy of your living body is the easiest to see and display.   The energy of your physical self can be measured in a tremendous varieties of ways.  Speed, quickness, strength, muscular endurance, and resistance to fatigue are just a few measures of the energy of the physical self.
  2. Mental – mental energy is an actuating force or factor. Mental energy relates to the activation level of your mind.  When mental energy is too low, we feel sluggish (no motivation).  When mental energy is too high, we feel hyperactive (racing thoughts, excessively worried).  Our brains can feel like they are stuck in mud, while at other times we can solve almost any problem we confront.
  3. Emotional – “He’s all heart.”  “It’s not the size of the man in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the man.”  Humans understand the power and resolve specific emotions can give you.  We talk about fighters being “all heart” when we perceive that, though their physical attributes and skills may be lacking, they make a courageous and victorious fight almost purely on the energy of his/her emotional self, the”fight within him/herself”.
  4. Spiritual – This is not necessarily defined by your particular religious faith, but it may be.  When I talk about spiritual energy, or the spirit, what I mean is, “your inner, guiding light”.  When I was at a particularly low point in my life, my spirit was dying, I asked my grandmother, “Nana… what is your guiding light?  What do you live for?  What gets you out of bed in the morning with energy to conquer the day?”.  “Family”, she answered.

What Happens When Multiple Energies Align… 

When all 4 of the energies of the self are flowing congruently, you can become unstoppable on your current course of action.  If this symphony of multiple energies is harmonized and reinforced toward the accomplishment of a singular objective or goal, you WILL succeed.  Failure is no longer a possibility in that current trajectory.  Nothing can stand in your way.  You are tapping into a higher consciousness and the vastness of human potential.

I have nicknamed this phenomenon, “A Perfect 105”.  This blog will serve as a resource for you to find your own “Perfect 105”.

Stay tuned…

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When Multiple Energies Align

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